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Founded in 2013, doodDevelopments was built to provide quality web development experiences to surf related businesses at an affordable price. After viewing small businesses go bankrupt from larger design firms charging tens of thousands of dollars to create a website, the founders decided to help these smaller players compete online without breaking the bank.

Websites offer the best form of marketing and with responsive design it is more affordable than ever to offer websites and mobile websites to potential customers for a very low cost.

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We have focused our work in actions sports, hotel, creative work, and particularly surf-inspired websites. With this expertise in surf website design, we can analyze and contribute the leading technologies and design in this particular industry. Most of our sites are built on WordPress giving the client the ability to control their updates on their own with a very user-friendly interface. We also specialize in any type of small business web development including boutique hotels and high occupancy hostels.


We also specialize in building high-quality iOS Designs and applications using the latest technologies. Our team has learned Apple’s most recent language, Swift, and can create any application from wireframing through to pushing your app to the App Store. Update: As of 4/4/2015, we are currently working on publishing our first Apple Watch app and will soon be available for Apple Watch development.

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Surf Estate

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PJ Manning

I'm an addict - coffee, surf, work, and wine. Been living the travel developer lifestyle since 2012 - constantly looking for where to work and surf next.