Project Graveyard

The shit that didn't quite work out... 💀 RIP



Airbnb for surfers. I was salty after Airbnb turned me down after I went through their extensive interview process. First full-application I built - got a bunch of houses to sign up but was a bit out of my league and didn't realize how much marketing I'd need to do.


The Sprint Kit

First, retail ecomm I put together and sold. I packaged up all the materials needed for the Sprint book and sold it as a kit. Profit was not enough to keep it going sustainably.

online course

Travel Developer

Probably my first 'successful' business. I really put a LOT into this online course before online courses were really a thing. Taught design, dev etc. Learned so much from video production to customer service to promotion to public speaking. In the end, I chose to list the site on a discount provider and there was no coming back $2 profit per course is not sustainable. Would've been better to continue to create extreme value and charge a premium for less students - however most of my students were on a budget.



Surf podcast I started with my friends. It was going really good and then I flew to Bali and got caught there for 2 years during COVID ;)


Learn to Surf NJ

A surf instructor camp in Monmouth County, NJ. First business I made :) probably could have kept doing it but I was too busy learning to code.