Work Abroad Without Experience: The Best Entry Level Remote Jobs

If you're looking to work abroad without experience, you may feel like your job search is a lost cause. You also probably stumbled upon some employers wanting to hire someone in their 20s with a college degree and 5+ years of experience.

How is that even possible?

But let's say you want something different.

You're fresh out of college and you're not ready to get a boring 9-to-5 job inside a tiny office. You want to travel and to get to know the world.

So the question is...can you actually find a job to work abroad without experience?

The simple answer is yes!

There are many entry-level traveling jobs you can do. You'll get to earn money to pay for your trips, and it's an awesome way to get to know the local people and traditions.

You may be wondering what entry-level remote jobs are, and if you would be good at any of them. We've got you covered...

Best Traveling Jobs With No Experience

We prepared a list of the best traveling jobs that don't require any previous experience. We tried to keep it balanced and varied, to make sure you'll find something you're good at.


Graphic design is a very popular freelancing career.

Every business wants to invest in improving their image, and graphic design is a huge part of it. And all you'll need is a laptop and a spark of creativity.

Well, that's not all. You should also master Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw. This will take time. The best way to do it to take as many online courses as you can, read books, and try to learn as you go.

If you want to work as a graphic designer, you don't need experience. No one will care whether you worked for an advertising agency for 10 years or not. But you will need a great portfolio with examples of your abilities.


Working as a writer can be tough at first, but once you get your first clients and start building a strong portfolio, you'll be alright.

A writer's work can go from writing blog posts and books to creating copy for advertisements. And the best part is you don't need to study much to be good at it. You can travel anywhere and work online!

All you need to become a freelance writer is a creative mind and the ability to write interesting and informative content. If you want to become an amazing writer, you should read blogs and journals and write your own texts.


If you're a musician or a painter, you can work abroad without experience. All you'll need is to pick a spot and take your tools. You'll earn money immediately.

When you're playing music or painting portraits, no one will ask you about your experience. All they will care about is your talent. But you'll need to be very talented to make enough money to pay for your travels.

English Teacher

As an English speaker, you're fit to travel abroad and get one of the most exciting remote jobs: an English teacher.

Sure, you should have some basic teaching skills and patience. And if you're bilingual, you're all set. You just need to talk to locals and try to get them to hire you to teach English.


Web development is by far the best traveling job with no experience required. It is one of the most in-demand careers, which means there are many companies needing developers all the time. Plus, the pay is really good.

The hard part of being a web developer is becoming it. You need to learn several programming languages and dominate the skills necessary to design websites that stand out.

As a web developer, having experience would help, but having a stellar portfolio helps even more. With just 2 good pieces that show your skills, you can get a job over anyone with 10+ years of experience - and earn the same amount of money!

The rise of freelancing

You may be wondering why it's suddenly possible to get a job with no experience when 10 years ago it was practically impossible. It's because of the rise of freelancing.

Freelancing is more popular than you think. In the US alone, there are 57.3 million freelancers, and they contribute an estimated $1.4 Trillion annually to the economy. Freelancers represent roughly a third of the workforce.

Freelancing is a growing trend. It is actually accentuated with millennials: 47% of millennial workers freelance, more than any other generation. And there's a growth in the freelance workforce that is 3 times faster than that of the overall workforce. It is expected that by 2027 - just 10 years! - freelancers will become the majority.

But will freelancers be necessary in the future? 50% of the American workforce feel like their job will be substituted by Artificial Intelligence within 20 years. But freelancers are aware of it, and they are preparing for the future.

55% of freelancers have taken skill-related courses within the last 6 months, against only 30% of non-freelancers. This means freelancers are more likely to adapt to the changing market, and that's why employers are choosing freelancers over traditional, fixed employees.

And with high-speed internet all over the world, you can work as a freelancer from wherever you want. It's the perfect opportunity to work abroad with no experience.

So becoming a freelance designer, writer, or web developer wouldn't only allow you to get a traveling job without experience: it would also be preparing you for the future.

You can work abroad without experience

Experience doesn't matter as it used to. What matters is that you can show that you're good at what you do. Nowadays, employers aren't looking for experience, they are looking for talent. Build a kick-ass portfolio or show your abilities on the spot, and you're all set.

There are many traveling jobs with no previous experience required. You can become a graphic designer or a writer, in which case you'll need to practice a lot and create some high-quality content to put on your portfolio.

You can also be a traveling artist or a language teacher. You won't need a portfolio, you'll just need to display your abilities to the right people.

I may be biased - only because I know what has worked for me - but there's no doubt in my mind you can become a traveling developer. You'll just need to learn the right skills and build a stellar portfolio with at least two pieces, and you'll be set to earn great money and work abroad or wherever you want.

PJ Manning

I'm an addict - coffee, surf, work, and wine. Been living the travel developer lifestyle since 2012 - constantly looking for where to work and surf next.