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Wireframe Creation.

After we've had a discussion - I'll create a quick wireframe and sitemap to set up the structure of the site. While I'm wireframing, you'll be collecting content.


Page Layouts.
Content and Coding.

On Friday morning, I'll hit the ground running with the wireframe and content we've gathered during the week. The next 3 days your site will be built.


Review and Launch.

On Sunday night, your site will be published live to the interwebs for everyone to see. The rest of the week, I'll still be testing and doing any requested content changes.

so what’s included?


I’ll create a plan of action for your new website based on what goals you are trying to achieve.

hosting, domain, email set up

You'll get your domain, hosting, and email all set up and ready to roll for production.

content management system

Your website will be set up on the best CMS for your business needs - either Squarespace, WordPress, or Shopify.

brand board

To keep organized, you will get a brand guide for all your website assets including logos, colors, fonts, and more.

Up to 10 Pages

I'll receive up to 10 different pages specifically tailored for your site.

backup and folder of assets

After the site is live, you'll get a folder of all assets, backups, logins, etc.


I'll draw up a rough sketch for the layout of your site including menus, footer, and page layouts.

seo for each page

Each page on your site will be highly optimized for 1-3 specific keywords.

training docs

You'll receive training docs and videos the following week to ensure you know how to manage your new site.

who is this for?

this is for you if…

✅  Time is a factor and you plan to move quickly

✅  You have a clear idea of what you want your website to do

✅  You are ready to make decisions quickly

✅  You are comfortable making your own content

✅  You are over other companies taking too long to make things happen

this is NOT for you if…

?  You will struggle to get all of the content together in good time

?  You are a slow decision maker

?  You really don’t know what you want your website to do

?  You require advanced and/or proprietary functionality

?  You want a website with more than 10 pages

Simple pricing.

3 different plans, for whatever suits your needs


Best for a Peronal Website/Blog.

Up to 5 Pages + Blog
Optimized for 1 Keyword / Page
Contact Form + Newsletter Signup

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Best for Businesses, Hotels, etc.

Up to 10 Pages + Blog
Optimized for 3 Keywords / Page
Contact Form + Newsletter Signup
Sell up to 10 Products
SEO Optimization for All Products

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all plans include a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Yes - for real. I stand by my work.


still have a question? shoot me a message...

01.How much does domain, hosting, and email cost?
This depends on which CMS you use. On the low-end a domain is $10/year, hosting can be $30/year, and email free. On the high-end, cloud-hosting or using Squarespace will be about $300/year but include hosting, domain, and email.
02.Can you really do this in a weekend?
Yes! And to prove it to you I'll take $100 off your bill for each day it's late! Scout's honor. Note: most of the time, websites are delayed because clients are slow to submit content. If you get everything to me by Friday - I promise I'll get your site up by Monday.
03.What type of ‘unlimited’ changes can I make?
Any text or images you want to swap out I will do for free for 30 days. This doesn’t include editing images or creating copy. You will have to supply the content but once you’ve found a replacement let me know and it will be as good as done.
04.Will I be able to edit the site myself?
Yep. After I launch the site, I'll create training documentation and a video to show you how to edit things on the site yourself. That way you won't be totally reliant on having someone else make the changes you want to make.
05.Is there really a 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes! Absolutely. I do this because I'm 100% confident in my skills and process. In 30 days, if you're not happy - I'll take the site down and refund you your full amount. Just to note - the hosting, domain, email and anything else purchased won't be refundable.
06.Do you offer additional services?
Yep, from SEO to marketing plans to mobile apps - I do a whole lot more. Just mention it when you contact me and we can talk about it in detail.
07.Do I need to do anything while you build the site?
Nope - sit back, relax, and get excited for Monday. I do ask that you be available during this time in case I have a question. Most of your work will be gathering copy, images, logos, etc. by Friday morning.
08.How does payment work?
Pay half up front - half after the site is live. Bitcoin is accepted. Payment plans can be discussed but must be agreed upon before the project begins.
09.What if I want more pages or additional functionality?
Everything is possible - we just have to agree before the project begins. I'll usually pitch you the base Weekend Website project and then work on the additional features afterward.
10.Will you manage the site after it's live?
I'm happy to recommend a maintenance package after the site is live. For 30 days, I'll make sure everything is in tip-top shape; however afterward the site is now your newborn baby.

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