10 Digital Nomad Jobs That Will Let You Work Remotely

Each year, the number of digital nomad jobs to choose from becomes larger and larger.

And this year - it's never been more entertaining to look through the list of digital nomad careers and pick your favorite to start working remotely.

But first - in order to become location-independent, it's important to understand the difference between telecommuting jobs and true digital nomad jobs.

A telecommuting position still requires you be in a certain time zone and adhere to strict hourly guidelines.  Digital nomad jobs allow you the freedom to work the days of the week you prefer - from whichever location you desire.

Remote work has opened the door to a new era of freedom and luxury. A brave new world beyond the industrial-age belief in The Office. -Jason Fried

In order to find the top digital nomad jobs - I've researched all the different types of jobs for digital nomads and looked through the digital nomad job boards to create this epic list...

The Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

10. Online Language Tutor

With the ease of communication with tools like Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc., it's never been easier to become an online tutor.

You basically have 2 options when going this route:

  1. Create your own website and try to find your own clients, or
  2. Use a platform like Verbling where you can simply list your services and students will find you.

You'll be able to have higher rates with your own website, but may find it difficult to get students.  If you choose to list on a service like Verbling, your rates will have to be competitive, but marketing and finding students will be streamlined (meaning you don't have to do shit).

The choice is yours - but either way, you can set your own availability and really all you'll need is good wifi, a decent webcam, and a solid microphone for one of easiest jobs for digital nomads.

9. Website/Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Blogging had it's heyday years ago...but that's not to say you can't still make good money by being a prominent blogger.

But that's the thing - you have to become a prominent blogger.  Most blogs make less than $1000 per month, so if you really want to sustain yourself with this digital nomad job - you need to be at the top 5% of blogs.

It isn't hard to get set up with this digital nomad career though.  You can get a website up quickly using Wordpress, and then sign up for various affiliate platforms like Commission Junction or ShareASale.

8. Copywriter

Even as I write this blog post on digital nomad jobs right now I'm thinking - would my time be better spent doing something else?  Should I just get a writer to create the content so I can work on other things related to my business?

And so copywriting has become one of the digital nomad careers in high demand for many websites and small businesses.

Since Google constantly updates its search algorithm - it's massively important to keep adding new and well written content.  The best place I suggest listing your services is on Upwork.

7. Cryptocurrency trader

Cryptocurrency is one of the newest (and most risky) digital nomad jobs to pursue.  If you don't know much about Cryptocurrency (or trading in general), I'd steer clear of this digital nomad career.

But if you have a few bucks to sustain yourself comfortably and want to test the waters of legalized gambling - cryptocurrency is hot!  There have been many near instant millennial millionaires made from trading over the past year alone.

To get started sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet on Coinbase.  Then you'll have to get setup on trading exchanges like Poloniex.   If you have no idea what you're doing I highly suggest to take a course on Udemy.

6. Social Media Manager

It seems like every other month a new social media channel comes on the scene.

Whether it's a new feature in Snapchat or a brand new app - every brand needs to stay up to date with where their customers are hanging out.

This used to only be necessary for big business - but nowadays EVERY business needs to hold social klout.  The gym around the corner, your favorite pizza place, yes, even your grandma's hair salon - they each need a web and social presence simply to be found.

The alternative: be forgotten and let the competitor down the street steal 100% of the social media business.

The social media manager position is one of the digital nomad jobs that may not score you a huge salary, but it's always consistent work.  It's also a great option if you're not ready for any of the digital nomad careers that require you to be a freelancer.

5. Photographer

If you're more of a creative mind, photography may be one of the best jobs for digital nomads.  However, most photographers are going to really struggle in the beginning to get by - but the ones that do work out will thrive.

Top photographers will constantly get to travel to exotic locations, get perks like free stays at hotels, and work as much or as little as they'd like.

You can get setup fairly easy with a website and platform to store, showcase, and sell all your photos on SmugMug.

The downside to being a photographer as a digital nomad career is you'll need substantial upfront investment.  And you'll have to keep investing every few years to keep up with the latest technology.

4. Videographer

One of the best digital nomad jobs I've come across in my travels is the videographer.

Videographers and photographers actually have a much different nomadic lifestyle than one may think.

Whereas photographers try to get lots of contracts and publicity from all their photos - a videographer is more select and tries to land some bigger projects.  They'll also spend far more time compiling and editing footage compared to a photographer.

Another option you have to work as a videographer is to work for a company like National Geographic where you'll only be responsible for capturing the footage and then sending it back to HQ.  These type of digital nomad jobs certainly have their perks, but don't expect the freedom of a freelancer.

When in doubt - buy a drone.  Approach some remote resorts and businesses with your 5-minute footage of their place and quickly pay off that new pimpin' pad.

3. SEO Specialist

Since every business under the sun needs to have a website - every business needs it's own way of standing out from the crowd.

And that's where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Being an SEO Specialist is so high on the list because of 1 big reason:  it's a loooong-term job.

Search Engine Optimization isn't something that can just set it and forget it.  It's one of the few digital nomad jobs where you can tell the client that it's going to take longer than they expected and cost more and...well...if you explain the process good enough, they still can't say no.

Just always make sure you're selling yourself as an asset.  Take into account the client's goals, what they make from those goals, and how much traffic you can bring in to attain those goals.  As long as you make them more money than you're charging - they'd be stupid to say no.

One of the best resources I've found to go from zero experience to SEO Pro is with Tommy Griffith's Clickminded Course.  What better way to learn SEO than from a guy that's absolutely crushed it at Paypal and Airbnb.

2. Graphic or Web Design

While SEO may be the one of the top digital nomad careers that brings in more traffic (and therefore money) for your clients, web design is undoubtedly what each client needs first.  So when finding brand new clients always pitch web design as your first skill.

Once you're done creating a beautifully designed website, app, or other online presence - you can upsell SEO.

I highly, highly suggest learning Sketch first to become a top-quality designer.  It takes a lot less time than you may expect to go from zero knowledge to experienced designer.

1.  Web Developer

Developers are still, without a doubt, amongst the upper echelon of digital nomad jobs in the world.

They earn amongst the highest salaries, have the most flexible hours, and still have one of the most in demand skills of all the digital nomad careers. And with a course like the Complete Travel Developer Course, you can learn within months how to easily get started on the path to become a digital nomad web developer, designer and SEO specialist all in one.

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