Nomad Life: The Key Strategy to Being Successful

Ever dreamed of leading and living a nomad life?

What about living out of a van, in a hut by the beach, flying to a new city every month - with only the clothes on your back and a map phone with Google Maps in your hand?

If so, you're probably one of the many people that gets consistently envious of nomad life  whenever you browse Instagram.  Pictures from such a desirous lifestyle are sure to spark some wanderlust.

But going nomad is something many people aspire to - but not many can pull off.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to live a nomadic lifestyle and realize your traveling dreams.

The process is simple if you’re willing to put in the work.

....all it really requires is completely changing your life ;)

Step 1: Handling Your Finances

For nomadic societies, there was no point in owning anything that one could not carry, but once humans settled down and developed a system of money, that limit to acquisition disappeared. -Peter Singer

The first step to solving your problem is to lay the foundation for everything else in your life...and that involves money.

I know, I know - you're trying to run away from the rat race and towards a nomadic life and the first thing you want to talk about is money!?

Well...yes - if you're reading this article, chances are you're not a millionaire and you still need to work and provide for yourself.

Simply put - your finances are your fuel.

And without fuel in modern nomadic living - you're going nowhere.

...but guess what?

You don't need to be a millionaire to be a nomad - not even close actually.

You can live comfortably off $20,000/yr (which would be considered the poverty level in the US ).  When I first going nomad, I was living like a KING with this much - while spending each month in a new country!

To set yourself up financially - you will either need to start a freelance business or get a job that allows you to work from anywhere.

Regardless of which option you choose, one benefit to living nomadically is you won't need nearly as much as in your past life.  It may be scary to think about not being able to afford your swanky New York City apartment anymore - but don't worry - you won't need to spend $2,000/month to live out of a shoebox!

One of the biggest benefits to living a nomadic life is learning to live minimally.

Once you acquire this minimalistic skill you'll realize how little you actually need to be healthy and happy.

nomad finances

Step 2: Do Your Prep Work

A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving -Lao Tzu

The biggest secret of all successful, long-term nomads is...


There's a fine line between living nomadically and being a bum - let's try to keep it on the socially acceptable side.

Your first step in order to accomplish this should be to get on your computer and begin researching places you'd like to live.

Start by checking out

Make sure you can find work, check the average cost of living, connection to internet if you need it, etc.

To be location independent, you need to have your nomadic lifestyle in order.  If you have bad debts, no insurance, and your parents taking care of things that are your responsibility - you're not a nomad - you're just running away from your problems.

Organizing your affairs will bring you so much closer to nomad life. And don’t get frustrated by it - it will take some time to get your efficiency game up.

Just remember - with patience and hard work you will soon be living the nomad life.

digital nomad office

Step 3: Travel Slow and Embrace Change

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance -Alan Watts

By now, your path to going nomad should feel a bit more like an attainable goal rather than a pipe dream.

All you have to do now is go with the flow.  It's really important with this last step to not try and do too much to get your nomadic lifestyle.  You've organized your life so you can take this jump - but if you try to plan every house you're going to stay in months in advance, where to buy x products when you arrive, or if anyone speaks English in y're going to fail before you even get started.

Embrace change - when you're on the road everything will seem to work out.   Even when things go awry, somehow when you're living as a nomad they always seem to work out in your favor.  It's like being in the vortex of life's energy - everything seems to come and go with ease and enjoyment.

But I have to warn you...this is where most people fail.

They hit a bump in the road in a foreign country and freak out.

They get lonely - as nomads often do - and have an urge to go back 'home'.

Or they get low on funds and think they can't succeed.

If you stick through these lows and come out on top you'll be stronger and more successful than ever and you'll be ahead of the vast majority of people.


Now that you know exactly how to live the nomad life, you can use this knowledge in your journey to live and work remotely.

It can be tough in the beginning but it's much tougher to live a life regretting you never followed your dreams.

So once you've got everything in order...


PJ Manning

I'm an addict - coffee, surf, work, and wine. Been living the travel developer lifestyle since 2012 - constantly looking for where to work and surf next.