How To Find Remote Jobs in Australia

Imagine this: Having the freedom to work anywhere you want, exploring beautiful Australia and still earning enough money to fund your travels. You get to create your schedule and focus on exactly what you want to do.

If you're wondering how to find remote jobs in Australia, then this is the guide for you...

The Process

There's no exact process on how to land a freelancing gig or remote job by companies, but there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to get work quickly.

First of all, you'll need a trusted platform with professionals and companies seeking people to work for them. Once you have found this website/platform with authentic jobs and abundant listings, the next step is to sign up and build your portfolio. Create a resume that builds an impact, uploading successful projects and samples you have done in the past. It pays to have experience and an impressive history!

After you have built your profile, it's time to find a job according to your niche and what suits you. But before anything else, you must take note of the difference between both freelance and remote jobs before you choose what to apply for.

A remote job means that you are employed by companies or organizations that do not require you to be physically present in the office. With freelance jobs, you are working for a contractor without employment obligations, usually project-based and would end once you have completed the job.

Filter and apply for the jobs you are interested in, and wait until you land an interview or the job itself. Begin working and enjoy!

Unsure of where to begin job-hunting? Let's go over some of your potential opportunities...

Remote Jobs Australia

Fortunately, there are quite a few companies in Australia that allow you to work remotely. This does depend on what type of position you are looking for though.  Below we've compiled a list of a few Australian companies where you can work away from the office...

Just Digital People

Just Digital People is a company filled with creatives, ranging from bloggers down to marketers. They are focused on digital recruitment. Starting from the bottom back in 2013, they now have various headquarters and continue to connect businesses while having fun.

Remote Jobs Australia - Just Digital People: Lead/Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Redback Conferencing

Redback Conferencing is a company based in Sydney, a provider of conferencing and digital events. Through their topnotch services, they help host webinars, webcasts, or web and video conferencing to make communication easy for consumers and businesses alike.

Remote Jobs Australia - Redback Conferencing: Junior Marketing Assistant

Apple Pty Ltd

You probably know Apple, the multinational technology company with offices all over the world.  Apple focuses on designing, developing, and selling electronics, online services, and computer software to businesses and consumers alike.

Remote Jobs Australia - Apple: At Home Advisor


XPand is one of the leading recruitment agencies known to connect businesses and candidates. Delivering talent and recruitment services for clients and aspiring employees, they ensure that through their digital transformation, they benefit both company and candidate.

Remote Jobs Australia - XPand: Digital Delivery Manager

Freelance Opportunities in Australia

Freelance positions are usually short-term and not always remote, but if you're lucky you can find a few gems.  Thanks to the Internet, you can work for any contractor from different countries, may it be as a writer, virtual assistant, or other positions according to your passion and experience.  We've compiled a list below of some of the freelance opportunities you can grab when in Australia:

Independence Australia

Starting out in 1959 at the Austin Hospital, Independence Australia now has over 10,000 healthcare products and supplies to thousands of customers in Australia. They offer the hassle-free shopping experience with a variety of reliable products with hot offers and discounts.

Freelance Jobs Australia - Independence Australia: Internal Graphic Designer


Short for Digital Photography Inhouse, DPI is a team of creative minds and technical experts that offer quality images and videos for businesses or individuals who want to showcase their products, stories, or visions.

Freelance Jobs Australia - DPI: Studio Booking Assistant

Morgan Consulting

They are a privately-owned Australian recruitment company. For over two decades, they have been sourcing excellent candidates to fit various organizations and companies for the long term. With first-class services and experienced consultants thanks to advanced technology, they are a trusted company to work with.

Freelance Jobs Australia - Morgan Consulting: Freelance Designer

Wrapping It Up

If you're looking to becoming a digital nomad in Australia, there are countless options with a host of impressive occupations that allows you to work from home or while traveling around the country.  Sure, it will take a bit of time searching for which job suits you best, but in the end, it will be worth it.

But of course, while working for companies that allow you to travel is an excellent career path, it's still best to learn your own trade, becoming a freelancer and do what you love. You can begin this by starting the Complete Traveler Developer Course (for free!) and become a full-stack freelancer.  So don't wait any longer and become a digital nomad in Australia!

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